The Dutch are world famous for their cheese. Because The Netherlands is well known as a dairy county, Dutch cheese varieties have become a major international success. Next to windmills, wooden shoes and tulips, the Dutch cheese is a powerful international icon.

Dutch cheese goes a long way back. Once upon a time, well over six thousand years ago, long before the Batavians and Canninifats would populate the typical Dutch landscape, this wonderful discovery was made. Cheese was an invention by chance, by prehistoric inhabitants of the Low Countries. And for century after century, while Holland developed as the Land of Dairy, Dutch farmers kept producing cheeses in their picturesque farmhouses. Since the memorable year 2012, Dutch cheese is back in the world stage. Entrepreneurs Dirk Jasper and Nick Pauli matured a bold plan: to bring the Dutch cheese to all corners of the world. So now the forgotten legend of Dutch cheese is no longer a secret…

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