Dear Cheese Fans! On 1 June 2017, we were informed by The Dutch Food Authority (NVWA) that the truffle in our Truffle Cheese is suspected of listeria contamination during the production process in the Netherlands. Although laboratory tests have not yet determined this as fact, but as a precautionary measure we have removed all our Truffle Cheese off the shelves in our two shops and all CitySuper displays and destroyed the Truffle Cheese. For those who purchased Truffle Cheese on or after 2 May 2017 at any of our shops or CitySuper, we advise all customers to dispose or bring back the Truffle Cheese to any of our two shops for a full refund or exchange another cheese in our. Do note that this is limited to only our Truffle Cheese; all our other The Dutch cheeses in our assortment are deliciously and perfectly safe for your enjoyment. We would like to express our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. For details about recall, please contact our shop on 3543 0081. Say Cheese!