North Holland Mature Gouda is a cheese with a maturation of at least 4 months. This cheese has a stronger taste than young, but still very creamy. Prepared from North Holland milk to ensure a consistent creamy flavour.

Pairing suggestions

The Dutch Merlot, Renzo Marinai Chianti Classico Riserva, Swinckels superior pilsener
The Dutch North-Holland Gouda Cheeses carry the european ‘Protected Designationof Origin’ label (PDO). This is an official protection from the European union. This label requires two specifications :

– The milk must come from cows out of the province North Holland
– The cheese must be produced in a factory in the province North Holland

In the past the province of North Holland used to be sea. The meadows in North Holland are below sea level. This makes the grass tender and nutritious. The cows in North Holland eat this grass. That makes the milk full and creamy. Because of this unique milk North Holland Gouda is more creamy and has less salt. Especially our aged and old Gouda have a unique creamy bite. Our North Holland Gouda cheeses are produced in a small factory in Lutjewinkel. The Dutch North Holland Gouda is unique for Hong Kong and China. This cheese is a real Dutch specialty.