The mature variety of The Dutch Farm Cheese is a very exclusive and outspoken cheese variety. More creamy than the aged version, but with a very authentic, characteristic, strong taste.

Pairing suggestions

The Dutch Cabernet Sauvignon, Renzo Marinai Gran Selezione, Swinckels superior pilsener
Farm cheese is the purest cheese. Based on natural, untreated (raw) milk. The milk is processed at the farm within 24 hours to Dutch Farm cheese, according to a method used for centuries. The preparation of the cheese is done mainly by hand. All details are handled with great care. And that starts at the feeding of the cows, which affects the quality of the milk. Dutch cheese tradition and specific hygienic measures are necessary aspects to achieve the ultimate goal: a delicious Dutch farm cheese. Each farmer puts his personal experience and dedication in making cheese. Therefore, all cheeses are unique. There are no two cheeses with exactly the same taste. After all, everyone has a different recipe and preparation method. That’s what makes The Dutch Farm Cheese that special. Farm cheese may only be called farm cheese when it is made like this :

– Raw milk
– Cheese must be produced directly at the farm.

Especially for our The Dutch assortment we selected the best, price winning Dutch farmer “Lekkerkerker”. He produces the best farm cheeses and delivers the cheese to our Dutch warehouses. We ripe these farm cheeses ourselves from young till old. Our Farm Cheeses have the ‘Traditional Speciality Guaranteed’ label, protected by the European union.